How do the Finnish Train Their Pet Dogs?

Pet owners in Finland have long been aware of the importance of training their dogs, and with the help of some effective methods, they have been able to shape their pets into obedient and well-mannered dogs. The approach to Finnish dogs training is based on positive reinforcement and the use of rewards, as well as consistency and patience. They believe that by teaching their pet the right behaviours and rewarding them for good behaviour, they can create a loving and secure environment in which their pet can thrive.

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So, how do the Finnish train their pet dogs? Let’s take a look.

Try to improve their focusing skills

To train a better pet dog, you need to avoid them getting distracted, finnish people prefer to use quiet rooms when training their pet dogs. Go to a place where there are lesser objects and voices in the surrounding. This way your dog can learn to focus on you rather than going here and there and getting distracted by unnecessary teachings.

Use less training time or smaller sessions

If you are giving your dog longer training sessions, there is a chance it might get overwhelmed. Try to break the sessions into smaller ones to improve their learning skills. Longer sessions can make the dog tired which will eventually let them avoid training sessions. At first, keep their training sessions for ten minutes longer and then increase the time in a few days.

Give them freedom

Giving dogs independence will make them confident about the training sessions rather than controlling them to do things they want. Command them when needed, use sit and stand commands and reward them for following you. This way your dog can increase bonding with you rather than being scared. Finnish people believe in peaceful training rather than aggressive training which is a positive way to train your dogs. Be gentle to them and let them enjoy themselves after the training session is finished.

Always be patient

If your dog doesn’t try to learn anything sooner, don’t try to force them or punish them for their behaviour. Dogs feel most of the emotions and they need to increase bonding with their trainer rather than feeling submissive. Be patient and know that they will get time to get used to the training session and building interest will take a while as they don’t learn in a day.


The best way to train your pet dog is to reward every behaviour that you see from them. With this method, you can teach your dog a wide range of new skills including fetching, sitting, staying and much more. When it comes to rewards, the important thing is not to choose the same one for every behaviour. You should create a rewards chart of the things that you see your dog doing well and make sure that you continue to give your dog these rewards as long as the behaviour continues. This will keep their interest and improve their chances of success.

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